Years ago, I learned about Firefly Creative Writing, a business helping writers discover and deepen their writing voices. Curious, I spent lots of time peeking at the Firefly website and hanging out on the Facebook page. Eventually, I joined in a few writing workshops: one in Toronto, and the other at a gorgeous cottage on a lake.

I felt the thrill of writing with others around a table. The joy of reading my work aloud, and hearing feedback designed to make me thrive. 


Then something incredible happened. 


Firefly founder, visionary, and big heart behind the business, Chris Kay Fraser invited me to combine my love of words and my enthusiasm for the creative process and become a certified Firefly Writing Coach. I said YES. Of course I did. She had me at hello!  


That winter, while snow fell and blanketed everything outside, Chris trained her new, small-but-mighty Firefly team. I emerged in the spring with tons of new skills and a deep love for coaching. It's been almost three years since that winter. 

That's great, Britt. But what does a Firefly Writing Coach DO? 

Good question. 

I meet with you, and together we have a peek at some of the things that may be holding you back. I help you map out where you want your writing to go, and support you in getting there. And I celebrate the writer you already are. (Because I DO think you're already pretty darn fantastic with words. Better than you know.)