This is Jean. 

Jean was my Gramma. The little girl with her in this picture is my Mom.


Not long ago, my family suffered some significant losses. In the span of four years, we lost my Grandpa, my Uncle Bob, my Dad, and my Gramma Jean.


In the final moments of my grandmother's life, as we sat around her hospital bed, my family began telling stories. 


We talked about the car trips they took all over the country when my mom was a kid, and the funny songs they sang along the way. We recalled Gramma's incredible scrambled eggs, and how whenever we visited her as children, she would stand at the end of their apartment hallway with her arms outstretched, waiting for my sisters and I to run into them.  


Even though she wasn't responding, I know that Gramma heard these stories.

I know that our laughter and tears as we shared precious family memories helped to ease her passing. And they also helped us begin to let her go.


I believe that the stories of your loved ones matter.


How much your husband adored karaoke, or the special way he proposed to you. Your sister’s wild curly hair and her huge, contagious laugh. The wicked practical jokes your Grandpa used to play, or how no one in the entire world made banana bread as good as your Mom’s.


I want to help you create meaningful memorial tributes to the people you’ve loved and lost.


Because goodbye ceremonies should be as unique as your love is.